Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas (Region VII) region. and consists of a main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City, nicknamed “the Queen City of the South”, the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, which is politically independent from the provincial government.

Metro Cebu is the second largest metropolitan area in the Philippines (after Metro Manila) as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. Being one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, in a decade it has transformed into a global hub for business processing services, tourism, shipping, furniture-making, and heavy industryMactan–Cebu International Airport, located on Mactan Island, is the second busiest airport in the Philippines.

Buying land, home, or building properties is one great investment move, especially when it is done in the most strategic places. CEBU is a truly promising area for real estate investments for loads of reasons.

Here are 7 reasons why Cebu is worth your money for real estate properties:

1. Booming  Economy

2.  Impressive Tourism

3. Strategic Location

4. Accessibility to Local and International Places

5. Skilled People

6. Expansion of Condominium Developments

7. Increased Value of Real Estate Properties

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